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When you have a family with two or more kids, it can seem overwhelming when you start to consider doing “family” things together. This is because every place you may want to go can become expensive. A trip to a skating ring can cost nearly $100 for a family of five. A trip to the movies is approximately the same, maybe more if you add in popcorn and drinks for it. Going out to dinner, football games and other sporting events, and more are all going to come with a major price tag. For this reason, many families are looking for more affordable at home family events.

Affordable Entertainment At Home

Frugal MomsFamilies began enjoying family game nights as a first solution to outrageous prices. Game nights could be weekly and allow each member of the home to choose their favorite games. Families also took that to the next level with family movie nights. Ordering a movie off Pay Per View or hitting the Redbox machine made it affordable. They could then cook their own popcorn and have their choice of beverages. These at home events are ideal, but as kids get older, they may want to avoid spending time at home. They may outgrow games or run out of movies that they want to watch. Instead, they opt to visit friends and life takes over.

A Better Way to Save Money while Bonding

Communities are also working toward a solution to put the “affordable” back into family life. The goal is to encourage families to live, play, and enjoy life as a family, together. A person within the community may open up their lawn for a neighborhood game night, pool party, or a cookout. Community dinners do not have to cost the hosting family a lot of money. Simply encourage all families to bring a food item. Someone in the community could also set up an outdoor movie night using affordable movie screens and a projector or a television with a DVD player hooked up. Outdoor speakers are affordable as well and you could even add an amplifier for outdoor speakers if you wanted.

Benefits of Community Wide Entertainment

Outdoor Movie Screen For CommunityBy doing a community event in your neighborhood, you make it less expensive for families to get out of the house. You encourage people to get to know their neighbors and spend time as a group. You can host events that take up a single night each week. Backyard games such as horseshoes or badminton, movie nights, barbeques, cookouts in the park, and so much more. The options are endless. Even if it takes a little while to get everyone interested, it will still be worth it. Families and communities in today’s world barely say, “HI” to one another. They work, they go home, they sit on their phones, tablets, PCs, and video game boxes. Is that the way that we should continue to live? Or should we strive to know our neighbors, save money, and enjoy living life?