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Everyone knows that your appearance matters. However, there is no situation where it is more evident than a job interview. Did you know that your appearance can make or break your employment opportunity? Do you know how to dress for an interview and make it possible for you to land the big jobs?

Dress for Success

Dress For Interview SuccessOne of the biggest things you need to do before an interview is figure out what type of attire an employer expects. Visit their website to see if there are pictures of the employees. Ask an employee that already works there. There are many ways you can go about discovering what they may expect as a company. For the most part, you can break it down into three types of wardrobe options.

Business Professional. When you are going for the business professional style, you need to dress up for the occasion. Suits for both men and women, appropriate shoes, and even suit jackets and ties. Most of these jobs are for people who want to work as a lawyer or a doctor. Your appearance matters a lot since people have to see you as someone who knows what they are doing.

Business Casual. Dress slacks, polo shirts, dress shoes, are all great for a business casual interview. Women can dress down for it as well. A conservative, comfortable dress or a nice blouse with dress pants are good enough. You want to appear dressed for the job, but relaxed and comfortable. Go in there like you expect to be hired soon.

Casual Clothing. Casual does not mean jeans and a ratty tee-shirt. It means that you should still put effort into making yourself look presentable. Just leave the suit in your closet. Women want to consider pencil skirts, button up shirts, work dresses, shoes with a little heel. Basically, anything nice is good. Men will want to stick with dress shirts, khakis, a belt, and maybe a pair of dress shoes.

What Not to Wear to an Interview

When you are appearing at an important job interview, what you leave at home is as impressive as what you wear. For instance, a casual dress does not have to be flashy red. You do not want to wear anything that draws attention away from what you are saying. It is okay to accessorize, but you should keep it to a minimal amount. Even at a casual interview, you do not want large necklaces and earrings. Facial piercings should be left at home or minimalistic. If you want an accessory during the summer as a man, consider checking out a KD Sunglasses review to see if they match your style. Another tip on what not to wear is perfumes. Women and men both can benefit from wearing less cologne or perfume. If the scent of your perfume makes a potential boss feel nauseous, you will be less likely to get hired on.

Show Off Your Best and Success Will Come

Don’t walk out of a job interview and have the boss talk more about the logo on your shirt or the smell of your cologne than he is about you. If you want the job, you have to bring out your best. After you are hired, you can start to express yourself in a way that is more appealing to you. Your interview is to show a potential boss that you are what they have been searching for. Is your wardrobe able to get it done?