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We all need a holiday from time to time, an opportunity to unwind from the rigors of the daily grind, and to reset the stress levels to somewhere near normal. However, the problem with a lot of holidays is, they are quite pricey, and can stretch a family’s finances to the limit. That being said, there are a few ways you can reap the benefits of having a holiday, which will not necessarily bust the budget, leaving you in the red for the rest of the year.

Consider Mid Week Flights:

The vast majority of people, when booking flights, choose to fly out to the destination of their choice on a Saturday. This makes sense – they finish work on a Friday, so it works out nicely to fly on the Saturday. However, weekend flights can be a lot more expensive. Consider flying on a Wednesday instead. You will find that flights are a lot cheaper. Sure, you may have to sacrifice some extra day’s of your annual leave allowance, but if these are paid days off, then you are not at a loss (rather, you’ll have made a great saving).

Consider the Location:

Have you got your heart set on Japan as the location of choice for your holiday this year? Why would that be? Could it be that someplace such as Thailand may also tick all of those same boxes? Alternative locations could end up much cheaper for accommodation, eating out and other holiday activities. Flights to other similar locations, in similar areas could make you some unbelievable savings. But if you have your heart set on a specific country, maybe consider heading away from the major tourist hubs. Let’s say you want to head to Ireland. By avoiding Dublin, and going to say, Sligo or Galway, you will not only make a saving worth a huge chunk of change, but you will be enriched by a more genuine experience of what the country is really like.

Avoid Re-Visiting Airline Sites to Judge Prices:

Have you ever visited an airline page, and seen a price that seemed ok or favourable, only to go back a few hours later, and find the price has jumped up? The price of the flight won’t have magically gone up in price. The website for the airline has tracked your IP address, and as you have visited again, you are obviously interested in this particular flight. So, they up the price! If possible, use a different computer or your cell phone to first gauge prices, and if they are agreeable, you can then book using your home PC.

While On Holiday’s, Eat Like The Locals:

Many holiday destinations have food havens for tourists, and have price lists specifically geared to this incumbent travellers. Keep an eye out, or ask around, for where the locals go to eat. You will find that the food is more authentic, and the prices a lot more favourable.